A Unique Combination of Speed of Install, Sustainability and Affordability

The Stonebloc retaining wall system delivers a unique combination of speed of install, strength, sustainability, and affordability. At the heart of the system is a unique concrete block. The interlocking design on the block means the blocks self align and lock together. This provides a sheer key in both horizontal directions. At 300kg each, Stonebloc is a gravity wall system which can be easily reinforced post installation to create a cantilever wall.

The sandstone finish on the blocks ensures a timeless aesthetic which complements and enhances the surrounding environment. Choose Stonebloc, New Zealand’s greenest retaining wall system.

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Why Choose Stonebloc

Traditional retaining wall systems such as timber, masonry, or gabion baskets are labour intensive, slow, and expensive. Stonebloc is leveraging tried and trusted engineering principles to revolutionise the retaining wall market. The secret to the Stonebloc system is the unique interlocking concrete block.

Installation is straight forward, simply prepare the foundation (compacted gravel or concrete) and lay the blocks. The Stonebloc system is so efficient, two people can build up to 120m2 of wall per day. Finally, the cast in standstone finish on the blocks create a timeless aesthetic that will blend in with the surrounding environment.